Arrive to Tbilisi

TOP-3 ways to arrive to Tbilisi
Flight via Yerevan
Travel time from 3 hours
Price from 23 900 rubles / person round trip.

The plane lands in Yerevan and takes off for Tbilisi in 30 minutes.

Flight via Minsk
Travel time from 5 hours.
Price from 15 000 rubles / person round trip.

Convenient and fast flight connection.

Upon arrival at Minsk or Riga Airport, you immediately go to check-in your flight to Tbilisi.

Flight via Vladikavkaz
Travel time depends on the congestion at the border.
Price from 9 000 rubles / person round trip.

You arrive with a direct flight to Vladikavkaz, and from there you take a comfortable minibus to Tbilisi (200 km).


Address: 10 Tedo Razikashvili StT'bilisi, Грузия
Phone: +995 593-99-11-40

Open hours:
Tue - Sat: 10:00 – 18:00