Provision of information by the Site User:

The Site user can provide the following information: surname, first name, father’s name , e-mail address, phone number for feedback. By providing his personal data when registering or authorizing on the site, the User agrees to their processing for an indefinite period by the Company – the operator of the Site in order to fulfill its obligations to the User, sell him goods and provide services, provide information of a reference and notification nature, as well as for the purpose of promoting goods, works and services. When processing the User’s personal data, the Operator Company is guided by the Federal Law “On Personal Data” and other applicable regulatory documents. The user has the right to receive information on the methods and purposes of processing his personal data, on the list of persons who have access to his personal data or to whom personal data may be disclosed on the basis of federal law, on the timing of their processing and storage.

Use of information provided by the User to the Operator Company.

Users agree that:

– By using the Site and accepting the terms of use published on the Site, the user declares his unequivocal consent to the processing of his Personal Data in the ways described in this Policy;

The operator company uses the data provided by the User during the entire period of the User’s registration on the Site for the following purposes:

– to register and / or authorize the User on the Site;

– to process the orders of the User and fulfill their obligations to him;

– to carry out activities to promote goods and services;

– analysis of the customer’s purchasing characteristics and the provision of personal recommendations.

– to inform the User about changes in the range of goods and services, service, etc.

Personal data protection policy

– We take all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal information from accidental and fraudulent access, destruction, alteration or other illegal actions.

– We guarantee confidentiality and protection of personal data from third parties. Access to personal data is provided only to those services and partners who need it to carry out operations (ordering, delivery, e-mail subscription). All of these persons fulfill obligations to preserve confidential data and may be subject to penalties for breach of obligations, up to and including termination of employment and criminal prosecution.

– The transfer of personal data to third parties can also be carried out in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, for example, when transferring a business. At the same time, the new owner assumes obligations to protect the information received. Also, data transfer is possible to prevent fraud.

– When switching from our online store to other sources, the company is not responsible for the confidentiality of the data presented on these resources.

Protection of information on the site


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