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Everyone knows that Georgia is a tourist’s paradise. It will not deceive the sophisticated, inquisitive traveler, and the one who is an artist at heart. This tour is suitable for those who want to escape from stuffy cities, forget for a while, everyday vanity, to have “break away” from civilization.

Jeep tour is an unforgettable trip in which you will get aesthetic pleasure from admiring the natural beauty of Georgia, get acquainted with the historical and architectural monuments, taste the real Georgian cuisine.

Jeep tour is suitable for people of any fitness level and age, because it is safe.

Tour route and program

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Meeting at Tbilisi airport and hotel accommodation. Self-guided tour of Tbilisi at night.

Mtskheta – Jvari – Kazbegi

Drive to the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. A visit to Mtskheta is the most interesting part of the trip. This place is called the second Jerusalem.


  • Svetitskhoveli Temple (XI century) – a UNESCO monument. Svetitskhoveli in translation from Georgian means “Life-giving pillar”. This is the second largest and main Orthodox cathedral in the country. Several Orthodox shrines are kept in the Temple: the robe of Jesus Christ, the clothes of the Prophet Elijah, a particle of the relics of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called, the font of King Mirian and the burials of noble persons.
  • Jvari Monastery (VII century) – a UNESCO monument. Jvari Monastery is one of the most significant and famous monasteries in Georgia. The monastery is located on a mountain, from which a unique panorama of Mtskheta, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and the confluence of two rivers – Kura and Aragvi opens. Jvari has become a symbol of Mtskheta and every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to it.
  • We leave along the Georgian military road towards the Russian border.
  • The Zhinvali reservoir is an emerald lake fed by the waters of Aragvi.
  • Inspection of the medieval Ananuri Fortress – an architectural monument protected by UNESCO.
  • Stop at the observation deck of the Cross Pass.
  • Stop at the mineral springs of the Cross Pass.
  • Lunch in the Pasanauri village – which is the birthplace of khinkali and where the most delicious khinkali in Georgia is made.
  • Gudauri is one of the best mountain resorts in Georgia.
  • Arrival to Stepantsminda. We will rise to a height of 2700 meters to the church of St. Trinity (Gergetis Sameba) to the very foot of the Kazbegi peak (in Georgian Mkinvartsvera), from where magnificent panoramas that you will never forget! Inspection of the Temple.

We stay at the Kazbegi hotel

Truso Gorge – Juta


After breakfast we go to Truso gorge. On the way to the gorge, you will see geysers, glaciers and mountain peaks. Magnificent nature, ruins of ancient towers, mineral springs, thanks to which these places are called the Valley of the Narzan, a blue “bottomless” narzan lake, every now and then releasing bubbles of natural gas, the Terek River, which begins its run nearby, from the glaciers of Mount Kazbek.

The village of Juta is located about 14 km from the exit from the Georgian military road. Juta is one of the highest mountain settlements in the country, inferior to the Svan Ushguli, which makes it the second highest settlement in Georgia. This amazingly beautiful place is unlike either neighboring Stepantsminda or Gudauri. Walking around the surroundings and enjoying the high-mountainous nature – for this it is worth at least glad to come here.

Back to Kazbegi hotel

A travel from Kazbegi to Tusheti


Visit the main cathedral of the Alaverdi diocese – Alaverdi;

After visiting the cathedral, the ascent to Tusheti begins;

Arrival to the village. Omalo is the most economically important village in the whole of Tusheti.

Located in the Tusheti National Park, 8 km from the border with Russian Dagestan. Residential buildings in Omalo were built in different centuries, the oldest house was built in the eighteenth century. Deep in the ravine, an old mill is perfectly preserved; it was built in the nineteenth century. There are huge towers on the hill, they are built of natural stone and look very majestic. There is an ethnographic museum on the territory of the fortress. The beauty of nature, mountain air and silence is breathtaking.

Accommodation in a guest house for the night in Tusheti


Tusheti is the most inaccessible region of Georgia, familiar to us from childhood from the film “Mimino”. The hero of the film, Valiko Mizandari, is from the village of Shenako, and nostalgia for his native land runs like a golden thread throughout the film.


  • Verkhnee Omalo. We walk to the Keselo towers and take a trip to the Gometsari gorge, where we will see the amazing village of Dochu.
  • Next, we will visit the village of Shenako, famous for its unique, impressive architectural tower houses. The lower floor of the towers was used to house livestock, and the upper floor was used to protect against enemies. In Shenako there is the Church of St. George (XIX century). It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The village of Diklo is located in the Tusheti National Park, in particular in Chagmatusheti 2150 meters above sea level. In Diklo we will see the Pichekhi towers, which stand on the border with Dagestan.
  • Departure to the Pirikiti gorge in the villages: Dartlo – Ruins of a 19th century church and a five-story tower of the late Middle Ages.
  • Lower Farsma. There are special three-storey residential buildings and wonderful views of the Caucasus Mountains.
  • Diklo fortress settlement. The fortified village was built on three terraces with a difficult terrain, while the lower one was used mainly for economic purposes. The other two terraces were dwellings. The two terraces are connected by a narrow street. The buildings are close to each other, and their outer walls create a military fence. At the top of the cliff, on the terrace, a quadrangular tower is erected, which is the dominant part of the entire complex. The rest of the walls of the building have also been partially preserved.

Tusheti – Tbilisi


Telavi is the administrative center of the whole of Kakheti, in fact it is a small cozy town with a population of about 20 thousand people, located on the slope of the Tsivi-Gombori ridge. Most of Telavi is located at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level.

The ancient city has preserved ancient monuments of architecture, culture and art. The Alazani Valley is a natural masterpiece, which offers excellent panoramas from different points of the city of Telavi.

In the center of Telavi rises the Batonis-Tsikhe fortress, which means “the fortress of the master”. In the period from the end of the 17th century to the middle of the 18th century, the fortress served as the representative office of the kings of Kakheti. Inside the fortress, there are palaces, Christian churches and an art gallery.

The main street of Telavi is named in honor of the great king of Georgia (his reign falls on the XVIII century) and the famous commander Irakli II. The king’s castle is located in the city center. It is a fortress with stone towers. Inside the fortress, there is a house where Heraclius II lived. A monument to the wise ruler rises above the fortress, and next to it there is an observation deck, which offers a magnificent view of the Alazani Valley.

Wine tasting

We stay at the hotel Tbilisi


Walking tour of Tbilisi – the heart of Georgia. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient city, hear its legends, see its sights. Famous Georgian courtyards and winding streets, natural and architectural monuments, hospitable townspeople and a unique atmosphere will make you fall in love with this city forever.


  • Old city wall.
  • Theater Square, Tower of the Puppet Theater Rezo Gabriadze
  • Anchiskhati temple – the oldest temple in Tbilisi
  • Rike Park
  • Meidan Bazaar
  • Bridge of Peace
  • The winding streets of the old town
  • Sioni Cathedral XI century
  • Sulfur baths area Abanotubani
  • Fig gorge, waterfall
  • Metekhi Temple XII century
  • Narikala fortress
  • Tsminda Sameba (Holy Trinity Cathedral)
  • Mtatsminda
  • Monument “History of Georgia”.



We reserve the right to change the program depending on weather conditions and the physical condition of the group.



When planning your trip, we use an individual approach to each of our clients, so your tour will be as convenient and thoughtful as possible.
You just have to relax, enjoy new impressions, discover this amazing country.

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